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The symbolic baptism to welcome your child - a beautiful secular alternative to a Christian baptism - where the focus is not on the relationship with God, but on the child itself, its parents and their love, usually takes place in a very relaxed atmosphere, often even in the family's garden.


As a mum of two children, two boys whom I of course love more than anything, I know exactly what it means to have a child and to want to share this joyful event with your loved ones.

There is hardly a more beautiful reason than coming together to welcome your beloved child.


From the day the parents meet to the birth of their child, parents, their families and friends reminisce together about these wonderful memories.


Many parents also wish to appoint godparents during this ceremony. Their importance for the child can be expressed in a wonderful way through personal words from the godparents to their godchild and/or beautiful rituals, which I would be happy to present to you personally. But we can also invent a new ritual together that suits you and your child perfectly, because a symbolic baptism is free from constraints and conventions and full of creative possibilities.


Feel free to contact me and we can arrange a no-obligation meeting to get to know each other! I look forward to meeting you and your child!


 My offer for you:

  • Non-binding introductory talk

  • Preparation, getting to know each other and planning talks: We plan the course of the ceremony together, talk about symbolic rituals, the integration of godparents, family and friends, musical accompaniment

  • Agreement with godparents

  • Writing your individual speech for you and your child

  • Moderation of your children's welcome ceremony

  • certificate

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